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Get the features you really need

  • Organize your documentation

    Create new docs and configure roles, access rights and publishing rules (private vs public). The multi-tenant console allows you to organise your docs by companies, teams, products and much more.

  • Powerful search

    Our patented SearchDoc algorithm indexes your docs and allows you to retrieve the doc and the section you are looking for to edit or read. Searching documentation has never been so powerful and easy.

  • Intuitive doc editor

    Our custom-built Markdown editor allows technical as well as non-technical people to write beautiful docs. The variety of modules will help you documenting you an API, create an image gallery, format the text in multiple ways and many more.

  • API Explorer

    Developers will love our API explorer to call a documented API live and display the results.

  • Beautiful templates

    Once the doc is written, you can select your template and layout to publish the doc. Simply link it to your website and you are good to go!

GIT versioning and ROCKET fast delivery

Familiar with GIT? OpenDocs uses GIT versioning to keep track of all changes made by your users and allows you to revert back to any commit. Your documentation gets delivered rocket fast to your visitors around the world via CDN.



All features included.

✓ multi-company (multi-tenant)

✓ multi-user

✓ multi-role

✓ unlimited docs

✓ private vs public docs

✓ full Markdown editor

✓ 2 templates

✓ CDN delivery and acceleration

✓ all additional modules (API explorer, grid layout, FAQ, ...)

Stop struggling with documentation

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